HM/SHEAR/A - Hand mitre shear with trapezoidal blade

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Model:  HM_SHEAR_A
Bar Code:  5027654559727
Part Number:  HM_SHEAR_A
Brand:  Trend

With 45 degree angled angled wings.
  • For perfect mitre cuts of mouldings, beadings and weatherseals.
  • Can be used to cut mouldings at 90 degrees up to 7.5mm thick.
  • For battens at 45 degrees the maximum thickness is 7.5mm and 35mm wide.
  • Left and right hand use.
  • With stop faces at 45 degree. Suited to mitre cuts in tiling sealing strips, wooden battens and decorative trim strips.
  • Engraved angle lines on both left and right alloy wings at 45 deg, 60 deg, 75 deg, 90 deg, 75 deg, 60 deg and 45 deg.
  • For use with wood, PVC, synthetic and leather.
  • Ideal for use with delicate dolls house mouldings.
  • Jaw locking lever.
  • Max. thickness at 90 deg:7.5 mm
  • Max. thickness at 45 deg:7.5 mm
  • Max. width at 45 deg:35 mm
  • Max. length of cut at 45 deg:50 mm
  • OL:210 mm
  • D:75 mm
  • D2:80 mm
  • Weight:380 g
  • Not to be sold to persons underage.

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