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CR/PB29 - Craft Pro Planer blade set 82mm x 5.5mm x 1.1mm TC

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Craft Pro Trend solid carbide planer blades are manufactured from high grade carbide and are supplied in pairs.
  • Precision ground with two cutting edges and reversible for extended life.
  • Two cutting edges and are reversible for twice the life
  • Solid Carbide STC for longer llfe in abrasive materials
  • In plastic case for safe storage
  • Length:82 mm
  • Width:5.5 mm
  • Thickness:1.1 mm
  • Suitable for
  • AEG (Atlas Copco) EH82, EH82.1, EH700. EH822
  • H750, H500, EH3-82, EH800, EH450
  • Black & Decker BD710, DN710, DN720, BD711, KW712, KW713, KW725, BD713, BD725
  • Bosch PH02-82, PH03-82/B, PH015-82, PH016-82, PH025-82, PH030-82, PH0100, PH0150, PH0200, PH300, 1592-9, GH0282, GH31-82, GH036-82C
  • Casals CE82, CE98ACE
  • Dewalt DW677, DW678K, DW678EK, DW680, D26500, D26501
  • Draper PT682, P882
  • Felisatti TP282
  • Ferm FP82
  • Freud FE82, FE82VCE
  • Haffner FH224
  • Hitachi F20, FU20, P20V, P20SA
  • Holz-Her 2321, 2321-S, 2322, 2223 (NEW)
  • Mafell EHU82, MHU82, MHU82S, MHU82D
  • Makita M102, 1900, 1900B, 1901, 1125, 1100, 1923, 1923BD, 1923H, 1902 ,FB0800
  • Metabo EXPERT, 4382, HO0882, HO8382
  • Nutool NPT82
  • Perles SK82A
  • Peugeot RA82CS, RA400, RA3/82
  • Ryobi L282, L1323A,HL-82, L-1835, L180, GH014, EPN-7582
  • Skil 92H, 94H, 95H, 96H, 97H
  • Wolf/Kango 8614, 8057, 8108
  • Some Makita, Ryobi, Hitachi and Wolf/Kango planers require conversion kit ref PB/CK/119
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