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High-performance plunge router with advanced safety features, engineered to deliver reliable, fast, accurate cuts. Perfect for hand-held and Router Table use.
  • Powerful 2300W Motor with Constant Speed Control delivers consistently high power, torque and speed, and features soft-start to prevent kick-back.
  • 80mm Plunge Depth is ideal for deep cutting applications. Perfect for lock fitting, worktop joints and timber profiling.
  • Trend Base Configuration is a standardised fixing pattern of holes that allow routers to be attached to a range of compatible tables, jigs and accessories.
  • Anti-Restart Protection prevents the router from accidental start-up if the trigger lock-on switch is engaged, and the power supply is interrupted or lost and restored.
  • Router Table Safety Switch bypasses the Anti-Restart Protection feature and replaces the need for a typical NVR (No Volt Release) switch.
  • 2-in-1 Plunge & Router Table Height Adjuster can be used from above AND below the router, in both table and hand-held mode. Each 360 turn gives 1.5mm adjustment.
  • Precision Centring System features a unique guide bush centring pin and adaptor plate that ensures perfect concentricity between cutter and guide bush for pinpoint accuracy with routing jigs.
  • Auto-Lock Plunge Lever allows users to quickly, accurately and safely reposition the plunge position without releasing the handles.
  • Router Table Cam-Lock Quick-Release Mounts make mounting and unmounting the router quick and easy (optional accessory).
  • Extra-Wide 75mm Base Aperture to accommodate over-size cutters, such as panel raisers, when used with a Router Table.
  • 7-Level Variable Speed Control ranges from 9,000 to 22,000rpm, giving the user total control across a range of cutters, materials, and applications.
  • Top-Mount Cyclone Extraction with enhanced dust adapter efficiently clears debris to give users 360 visibility and prevent extraction hoses from ‘snagging’.
  • Ergonomic Inclined Handles support a natural wrist position, reduce strain, and increase control when routing with arms outstretched.
  • Quick-Set Depth Post with rack & pinion 1.0mm indexed increments and zeroing function for fast, easy adjustment.
  • Micrometer Fine Height Adjuster features 0.1mm increments and an easy-to-read display for precision depth adjustment.
  • Integrated Power Trigger bult into the inclined handle for precise and safe control of the router’s on/off function.
  • Micro-Adjustable Side Fence with adjustable facings and 0.1mm increments for accurate edge rebating, grooving and moulding.
  • Automatic LED Work Lights allow users to accurately position the cutter in low-light situations, prior to engaging the material and making costly errors.
  • Phosphor Bronze Bushings are corrosion resistant, durable and self-lubricating to prevent racking and deliver a smooth, accurate plunge action.
  • Anti-Scratch Base Plate made from replaceable, smooth Phenolic materials for a low-friction routing experience.
  • Integrated Router Rest provides users with a safe way of changing cutters whilst preventing debris from entering motor vents.
  • *3 year warranty – Online registration required
  • 1 x 12mm Collet
  • 1 x Fine Height Adjuster
  • 1 x 30mm Guide Bush
  • 1 x Inner Plate
  • 1 x Line up Pin
  • 1 x 35mm Clip-in Dust Spout
  • 1 x Line up pin
  • 1 x Side-fence with Micro Adjuster
  • 1 x Router Table Safety Switch Box
  • 1 x Storage Case
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