H/JIG/B - Hinge jig B two part phenolic

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Model:  H_JIG_B
Bar Code:  5027654550199
Part Number:  H/JIG/B
Brand:  Trend

A two part trade hinge jig to cut hinge recesses in doors & linings using a plunge router.
  • Two part, splits into two lengths with jointing plate.
  • Hard wearing template in 12mm phenolic plastic.
  • One set up for door and frame. No need to adjust for repeated doors.
  • Four adjustable apertures.
  • For a 2 metre door hinges are 6 inch down and 9 inch up and the middle. Fourth hinge for fire doors (355mm /14 inches down from top of top hinge).
  • For doors 16mm to 51mm thick with separate (plant on) stops, or stops thinner than 11mm.
  • Swivel end plate for 3mm gap to head of door.
  • Use with a light duty plunge router with 1/4 inch collet.
  • Includes three edge guides, three bradawls and 16 mm guide bush.
  • Unibase may be needed.
  • T4EK router requires a ref. UNIBASE or special guide bush ref. GB/T4/160
Hinge sizes
Length:50 mm (2") to 127 mm (5")
Width min.:9.5 mm (3/8")
Width max.:35 mm (1 3/8")

Door size possible
Height min:1955 mm (6' 5")
Height max.: 2100 mm*
Thickness min.: 16 mm (5/8")
Thickness max.:51 mm (2")
Jig overall length:1815 mm
Fixed stop max. thickness:11 mm
* Please note for doors over 2000mm the bottom hinge will be higher than 9" up
3 x Bradawls with spacers
3 x Edge guides
1 x 16mm guide bush
1 x Hex key
1 x Carry case

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