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Model:  CNC_MINI_1
Bar Code:  5027654560129
Part Number:  CNC/MINI/1
Brand:  Trend

Latest desktop miniature engraving machine for 2D and 3D engravings, photo images and routing projects complete with easy to learn software.
  • CNC Carving Machine can create or import G-Codes for CNC carving programs. This function allows you to use additional software programs; such as VCarve, ArtCAM and BMP programmes.
  • Small lightweight desktop model with micro switch fully guarded safety dust cover for safe operation making it ideal for education.
  • Table size 320mm x 150mm, with total engraving area (XYZ travel) 220mm x 160mm x 63mm.
  • LED light.
  • Brushless 80 watt DC motor for low noise and durability with 4mm collet capacity.
  • Use with hardwoods, soft woods, exotic woods, and many synthetic materials such as acrylic and ABS plastic, foam, modelling wax, styrene, epoxy board. Ideal for use with white, brown and clear acrylic to create highly detailed carvings.
  • Works with any PC computer running Windows XP up to Windows 10.
  • Endless possibilities in what you can create: use images from digital photos, CAD drawings, computer generated art programs, scanned images and more.
  • Includes a simple, straight forward common platform software package.
  • Supplied with two solid carbide engraving cutters Ref. S66/2X4MMSTC & S66/4X4MMSTC.
  • For UK sale only
For UK sale only.
Voltage:240 volt
Table size X-axis:320 mm
Table size Y-axis:150 mm
Table load weight max.:2 kg
Max.movement X-axis:220 mm
Max.movement Y-axis:160 mm
Max.movement Z-axis:63 mm
Max. material thickness:60 mm
Max. engraving speed:2500 mm/min
Min. engraving speed:40 mm/min
Resolution:0.05 mm (0.002 inch)
Power supply input:220-240V
Power supply output:DC 24V 4.5A
Spindle motor:80 watt DC
Power consumption:2.0A
Collet capacity max.:4 mm (0.16 inch)
Operating noise level:39.6 dB(A) standby
No loading operation noise:<66 dB(A)
Spindle speed:0-15000 rpm
Interface:USB 2.0
System requirements:PC running Windows XP up to Windows 10
Machine size depth:390 mm
Machine size width:400 mm
Machine size height:425 mm
Weight:14.7 kg
End of life:See below for Environmental Policy link
1 x USB 2.0 cable
1 x Bravo Edit software disk
1 x Workpiece clamp set (comprising two large and two small clamps)
1 x USB controller
1 x Support board
1 x Silicon mat
1 x Ball nose carving cutter R0.5mm STC
1 x Conical radius carving cutter R0.5mm STC
2 x Brown acrylic sheet 186x135x2mm
1 x White acylic sheet 186x135x2mm
1 x Starting point paper
1 x Hex key 2.5mm A/F
1 x Instruction manual

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